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Throw caution to the wind and forget all the complications in your life right now and do the one thing that shows us all that LOVE WINS

Being wickedly wed is not about the shit storm that brews under the surface, the planning, the appeasing, the second mortgage, the getting swept up in some one elses story.

Throw off the bow lines and sail straight into that sunset with your love buddy right beside you. No cares in the world just the two of you and that piece of paper that says “Hell Yes, We are married!”

Phillip Island Wedding Beach Couple

Our Local Favourites

Choosing a registry wedding means you get to indulge in some of Phillip Islands awesome little hang outs from coffee to wine and all in between!

Wanna know who we dig for capturing all those loved up moments? Check out Claire Davie, she is all kinds of Gold!

The Coffee The Seaside Provider - Newhaven, M & O Cafe and Tapas - Cowes, The Store - Ventnor, 11 Eleven - Phillip Island - Cowes

The Wine Phillip Island Vineyard and Winery - Ventnor, Purple Hen Winery - Rhyll, Grenache Wine Bar - Cowes

The Beer Ocean Reach Brewing -Cowes , Bang Bang Bar and Food - Cape Woolamai

The Eats Thai on the Island - Cowes, Pinos Trattoria - Cowes, Korea Garden - Cowes, Mad Cowes Cafe and foodstore - Cowes, The Waterboy Cafe - Cowes

The Date Night Saltwater Phillip Island - Newhaven,

The Flowers Flowers at the Yards - Ventnor, Flowers of Phillip Island - Cowes

The Hair Shima Salon - Cowes